Technology features

We offer simple payroll management services through our cutting-edge technology solution incorporating all  elements of the payroll, billing and compliance process into an easy, transparent and secure system.

Our system is highly configurable, enabling us to tailor it to your needs. Our solution is quick and easy to use with compliance, on-boarding, contract management, timesheet processing, invoicing and payroll all in one place, online.

The technology eliminates errors, reduces timesheet and payroll queries and provides the greatest possible visibility and control throughout the pay and bill process. Combined with our 20 years trusted experience, our service stands out from the crowd.



A system to manage the screening and storing of documentation, whilst monitoring expiry dates. Our checks include passport verification, right to work, criminal record checks, qualifications, identity verification, driving license checks and insurances.

On-boarding and Compliance

No more messy paperwork. Our solution allows for online document reviews and acceptance by the worker, along with specific contractor requirements, to eliminate risk to your business. Keep track of important dates including right to work and assignment end dates.

Fully compliant with regulations such as RTI, auto-enrolment and intermediary reporting. We also offer other compliance tools such as our on-boarding module            (e-contract packs) and AWR compliance monitoring. Our automatic audit trail feature also gives you clear oversight across your data records and documentation.

Paperless E-Billing 

An accurate and quick process for automating invoicing with built PO management, multi-currency, self-bill and consolidation options.


Reduce cost and increase compliance with our payrolling solution which can be tailored to manage compliant pensions, holiday pay, taxes, statutory and limited company payments. We can process workers who choose the Employee option, PAYE, Ltd Company/PSCs, Ltd Company Deemed Tax, as well as CIS, all compliant with IR35 determinations.

Online Time & Expense Capture

Processing timesheets manually becomes a thing of the past with a secure, flexible and mobile friendly system for when your workers are out on assignments. The technology can tailor timesheet layouts, authorisation levels, pay rates and processing options to suit your needs.

Real Time Reporting

Our reporting system is fully auditable and transparent, allowing you to see directly into the system from the comfort of your office.