Limited Companies

If you want to run your business on your own terms, setting up a limited company is the way to go. As a Personal Service Company or PSC, you keep control of your work, but also benefit from more efficient personal tax planningand online accounting.


MyPay+ offer Limited Company (PSC) as one of our standard business solutions, alongside PAYE, Employee, Deemed Tax and CIS (for those in the construction sector).

Using Limited Company (PSC), we can make payments directly to your limited company business account, while complying with your IR35 assignment status determination.

MyPay+ is part of the award-winning First Recruitment Group, which gives us unmatched expertise to develop tailored Employee Solutions for contractors and freelancers, both inside and outside of the scope of IR35.

What you get


As a MyPay+ Limited Company (PSC) client, you benefit from access to a custom-built and mobile-friendly online platform 24/7 and professional support

services 8am-8pm.

Our experts have over 20 years' experience offering payroll and compliance solutions to contractors, dealing with somewhat complex regulations, such as IR35.

You gain access to this talented support team, our online portal for real-time tasks, and other features including:

  • Mobile-friendly software for account admin

  • Same-day advances and faster payments

  • Text alerts when payments are processed

All of this is set up by our dedicated on-boarding compliance team, so you know that once it's up and running, your PSC limited company will comply with all the relevant regulations.

More benefits of a limited company



With our help, your new PSC limited company can start keeping online accounts and processing payments into your business account without delay.

As well as this quick and easy setup process, you gain multiple additional benefits:

  • Online portal can be accessed anywhere, anytime

  • Intermediary reporting to comply with HMRC rules

  • Choice of weekly or monthly invoicing and fee payments

Mobile-friendly access means you can update your accounts on the go. File invoices on location and save on admin time later, while ensuring you get paid as soon as possible for completed work.

There are many more benefits for self-employed individuals who choose to set up a limited company or PSC, not only for tax purposes, but also for admin purposes and to gain access to our customer support team.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our Limited Company (PSC) Employee Solution, please contact us today and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help.

You will find our contact details at the bottom of the page, including telephone, email and postal address, or just fill in our online form on our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.